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How We Engage Pupils 

Premier League Primary Stars Programme uses the appeal of the Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills. 

Primary School Packages 

We offer a range of packages to Primary Schools in Hull and East Riding. 

How we raise the profile of physical activity 

Find out how we raise the profile of sport in Hull and East Riding partner schools 

Testimonials from Schools 

Don't just take our word from it. Hear from school staff and pupils about our programmes. 

How we engage pupils 

Tigers Trust is working in partnership with Primary Schools across Hull and East Riding to achieve physical, social and emotional wellbeing outcomes. 
The value of sport and an active lifestyle cannot be underestimated. It impacts on the development of children and in many cases their lives. The Sports Premium allows individual schools to invest in the resources it needs to best encourage and enable an active lifestyle through sport, play and learning. 

How we engage pupils with physical education? 

PE Curriculum 
It starts with PE sessions that progress the skills of every pupil through differentiation. As well as this we work alongside the class teacher in every lesson, upskilling them to allow us to leave a real legacy in school. Improving the standards of PE throughout school for a prolonged period. 
Regular after school, lunch-time or breakfast sessions provides opportunities to consolidate newly developed skills. Activities can be targeted to appeal to those children that would benefit most e.g., low in confidence, least active, girls only or gifted and talented. 
Holiday Activities 
Holiday activities are the ideal next step for those children low on confidence or who don’t want to commit to a team or club, or those looking to develop their skills further. This activity provides an opportunity to meet children from other schools and develop new friendships. 

Primary School Packages 

Dependant on the requirements of the school, we offer 
Primary School packages. Please see tables below: 
Number of PE Delivery hours - 150 
Number of PE Delivery hours - 100 
Number of PE Delivery hours - 60 
Number of PE Delivery hours - 30 
Additional Delivery Hours (To be used for optional extras, whole school improvements) - 36 
Additional Delivery Hours (To be used for optional extras, whole school improvements) - 30 
Additional Delivery Hours (To be used for optional extras, whole school improvements) - 24 
Additional Delivery Hours (To be used for optional extras, whole school improvements) - 12 
Total Delivery Hours - 186 
Total Delivery Hours - 130 
Total Delivery Hours - 84 
Total Delivery Hours - 42 
Costs £6,000 
Costs £4,500 
Costs £3,200 
Costs £2,000 
Stadium tour & enrichment day 
Stadium tour & enrichment day 
Fundraiser Day 
Fundraiser Day 
Collapsed Curriculum Days 4 
Collapsed Curriculum Days 3 
Collapsed Curriculum Days 2 
Collapsed Curriculum Days 1 
Soccer School Place 12 
Soccer School Place 8 
Soccer School Place 6 
Soccer School Place 4 
Match Tickets 12 
Match Tickets 8 
Match Tickets 6 
Match Tickets 4 
Signed Football 4 
Signed Football 3 
Signed Football 2 
Signed Football 1 
Rates for additional hours** £00 
Rates for additional hours** £30 
Rates for additional hours** £40 
Rates for additional hours** £45 

How we raise the profile of physical activity 

How we raise the profile of PE and sport for whole school improvement 
Collapsed Curriculum 
Planned one off and regular themed events are an effective way of engaging large numbers of children and raising awareness of the benefits of being active and involved in sport. Events are organised with school staff and highlighted on the school calendar and promoted to parents. These can be linked into national initiatives including World Book Day, Anti-Bullying Week, World Maths Day and Walk to School Week. 
Representing the only Professional Football Club in East Yorkshire is an opportunity to inspire children. Hull City Football Club have experienced incredible success; therefore it is right to promote the values required to achieve ambitious goals e.g. healthy lifestyles, sportsmanship, teamwork, attitudes, respect and responsibility. 
Targeted Interventions 
6-week programme which can be tailored to meet the needs of a small group of individuals, aimed at improving their confidence, engagement or attainment. 
Cross-Curricular Support 
The science behind PE and sport links to other subjects. Sport is also useful for engaging children in other subjects. Classroom support is available for teachers, with our staff acting as role models for 6 weeks inspiring pupils to engage in English or Maths. This can also be done through a 6 week Reading Stars programme for a targeted group. 
Leadership/Social Action 
Children can be a real influence on their peers and local community. A 6 week course for Year 5-6 pupils, which can be aimed at improving the children’s leadership qualities, environmental understanding or health and wellbeing. 
Sport can be used as a great engagement tool to learn life lessons, our 6 week programme offers the following topics, Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Attitude, Respect, Responsibility and an awards session at the end. 
Success in sport and/or gaining respect on and off the pitch depends on your actions and attitude. Our STARR values i.e., sportsmanship, teamwork, attitudes, respect and responsibility encourage positive behaviour and our awards recognise worthy role models within school. 

How we increase participation in competitive sport: 

Participation in competitive sport has many benefits for children, giving them important life skills such as resilience, teamwork, communication and sportsmanship. A variety of intra-school events provides opportunities for most pupils to experience winning and losing. 
Children gain a sense of pride when asked to represent their school. Competitors also feel better about themselves knowing that they are supported by other pupils, teachers and their family. Providing children of all ages and abilities with an opportunity widens the impact. 

How we increase confidence, knowledge and skills of staff teaching PE and sport: 

Team Teaching 
Our PE Specialists come with a wealth of knowledge relating to sport and fitness. They also understand the PE curriculum, assessment criteria and Ofsted expectations. A team teaching method to suit the individuals involved can be highly effective for all learners i.e., teachers, coaches and pupils. 
Teacher Training 
Teacher training workshops allow for an in-depth focus at various subject matters e.g. invasion games, inclusive PE, what outstanding PE looks like, assessments and differentiation. These are often supported by subject specialists from our partner schools. 

School Feedback 

One of the many benefits of having Tigers Trust in school is the range of sports and activities that they can offer. This is not just about football! 
Our pupils also love learning life skills as well as to play handball, rugby and cricket with the Trust. They provide all these in lesson and club formats for our enthusiastic pupils from 4 years old to 11. It is quite amazing what we can squeeze into a day a week. I appreciate how flexible the Trust has been in meeting our needs and requests. 
Michael Loncaster 
The main aim of our partnership with Tigers Trust has been to upskill staff and boost confidence in teaching PE.  
Coaches have worked alongside staff, delivering sessions and mentoring teachers through different units of work which has had a lasting impact on our PE provision. As well as PE sessions, the Trust has offered a package of sports competitions, delivered an active breakfast club, helped raise funds, provided complimentary places at holiday camps and tickets for home games. The range of expertise, incentives and enthusiasm from coaches has helped promote an active, healthy lifestyle. Tigers Trust play and important role in maintaining the excellent culture of a healthy mind and body at Christopher Pickering. 
Sam Morgan 
As an NQT PE can be daunting as we don’t get much training on how to teach it but both of the Tigers Trust coaches were really helpful and provided me with the confidence to teach my class.  
You provided with my lots of great ideas for future lessons that I will be sure to take on board! I was very impressed with the individual challenges given to certain high achievers in my class as I had never thought about challenging specific children in games! All children in my class enjoyed every session with you boys and we hope to get the opportunity to work with you again! 
India Pickering 
To enquire about any of our packages please contact [email protected] for more information or call 01482 358 371 
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