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Tigers Pathways. 

Tigers Pathways offers a FREE six-week programme designed to help individuals navigate life changes with a focus on structured transitions, goal setting, action planning, promoting healthy lifestyles, and cultivating a positive mindset, all while providing support on the path to employment.  
This personalised programme is crafted to align with your unique journey, guiding you towards selecting the most suitable pathway for your future endeavors. 
You are eligible for this programme if you are: 
Aged 16+ 
Aren't currently in education, employment or training. 
Next Steps 
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, take a minute to fill out the form and someone from our team will get in touch. 
Case Studies 
Connor Campbell 
Connor, 27, initially got involved with Tigers Trust through the Tigers Together football programme, a series of weekly sessions designed to enhance both physical and mental well-being. 
As a care leaver, he also participated in the Tigers Trust’s Care to Dream football sessions tailored specifically for individuals in similar circumstances within Hull. 
Expressing his desire to find fulfilling employment without overwhelming his anxiety, Connor was welcomed into the Tigers Pathways employability initiative. Facing the initial hurdle of lacking any form of identification, The Tigers Trust assisted Connor in acquiring relevant ID, including a provisional license and his birth certificate, funded through the programme. This eliminated a significant barrier, facilitating a smoother transition into the workforce when he felt prepared. 
Through exploration of his passions using the Trust’s employability toolkit, Connor discovered his interest in working in an inclusive setting, supporting individuals with disabilities in reaching their potential. Recognising the value of hands-on experience, Connor was assisted in applying to volunteer for the Trust’s inclusive sessions, a role he successfully secured, currently awaiting his DBS certificate before commencing his volunteer journey. 
Seeking continuous growth, Connor expressed interest in the Street Soccer Academy programme, completing it in October 2023. This 10-week football-focused mindset initiative, delivered by Tigers Trust, aims to bring the transformative power of football to communities nationwide. Connor, eager to enhance his confidence and leadership skills, emerged as a true leader during the programme, actively contributing to discussions on crucial topics like mental health, accountability, and honest self-reflection. His ability to inspire others became a noteworthy achievement. 
Discovering his passion for coaching during the Street Soccer Academy, Connor was supported in applying for the Introduction to Football Qualification. Having completed the Safeguarding and First Aid components, he is on track to becoming a qualified coach. 
Throughout his journey, Connor demonstrated exceptional commitment, consistently encouraging others, assuming leadership roles, and serving as a role model to fellow participants in each Tigers Trust programme he completed. 
Connor says the Tigers Trust programmes have been hugely beneficial for himself: “I used to face difficulties just stepping out of the house, but since coming here, I've found it easier to connect with others and cultivate a positive outlook. Now, I tell myself that I can take on various challenges and have confidence in my abilities. This new mindset motivates me to start my day with purpose and engage in activities.” 
“The positive changes are significant, both in my personal well-being and interactions with others. I'm more proactive about contemplating my future, particularly myself pursuing a job. I've discovered a passion for working with children with disabilities, aiming to support them in achieving their goals. Previously lacking self-belief, I now realise that I can confidently step into the world and pursue any path I desire.” 
You can view Connor's journey on the Street Soccer Academy Programme here. 
Scott Irvine 
Scott Irvine, 20, first started attending sessions at the Tigers Trust in October 2022 through the Care to Dream football sessions tailored specifically for individuals in similar circumstances within Hull. 
Scott had moved from London and had been through some challenging times personally with a history of criminal offences. Scott really needed a positive change in his life and the start of that was attending the Tigers Trust's free football sessions. 
Scott enjoyed attending the sessions and made new connections and friendships. The Tigers Trust staff built up a positive relationship with Scott, within an environment where Scott felt safe. Scott expressed that he was looking to get more physically active and also wanted to find employment. Staff invited Scott to Tigers Together a mental health focused football session and the Tigers Pathways Employability programme. 
Scott's confidence and wellbeing improved massively from attending these various sessions, because of this he started applying for jobs as he felt he was ready and more equipped for the labour market. Amy and Paul supported Scott to attend a job interview at Tesco Distribution Centre where Scott was successful in gaining this employment. 
“I feel like I’ve got a different mindset and attitude to life, I have turned a corner and I am now able to do things I really want to do such as taking my partner out for a meal and treating my family, it is hard work but I am enjoying it. I am looking forward to being able to book a holiday which is something I have never done before.” 
Scott now wants to inspire others by sharing his story to others that may find themselves in a similar situation to himself, he wants to highlight the time he was making the wrong choices in life to now, where he has made positive steps towards his future by simply asking for help from the Tigers Trust. 
Ben Whiteman 
A couple of years ago, Ben aged 29, delcared an interest in finding employment through the Trust’s employability programme Tigers Pathways after hearing about it’s postive impact from his peers. Ben arrived with little confidence within himself and wanted help in order to gain future employment and develop his skills in the process. 
Throughout Ben’s time on the programme, he was able to work together with the Trust team on helpful employability skills which included improving his professional development, interpersonal skills and money management as well as two combined sessions which were focused on building confidence, wellbeing and self-growth. 
Ben showed tremendous commitment throughout his time on the programme, never missing a session. His hard work and determination resulted in him finding his first paid work job on a part time basis working as a Steward for Hull City at the MKM Stadium. 
Whilst on the Tigers Pathways Programme, Ben was able to still attend the Tigers Together sessions which are weekly football sessions provided for those who may be facing mental health barriers like depression, anxiety or schizophrenia.The programme allows individuals to come together, develop their skills and to feel better about themselves. Ben was able to engage with this initiative by participating in physical activity whilst interacting with other people in a socially but relaxed environment, allowing him to improve his wellbeing as well as boosting his confidence, which is vital in his current job role. 
Ben has attended over 175 hours of provisions across both programmes he has taken part in with the Tigers Trust in which he is is very proud of his outcome and achievements from. Ben has now gone on to recommend the project of Tigers Pathways programme to the wider community, encouraging anyone who may be looking for work or job support to explore the programme further. 
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