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The Tigers Trust is committed to building towards a sustainable future and to improving the environmental wellbeing of our local communities. 
If you have attended the Tigers Trust Arena across the past four years, there's a good chance that you may have seen Wally the Whale! 
Wally the Whale has been positioned at the front of the Arena for over four years now, and was set up by a group of young people as a way to encourage the the recycling of plastic bottles rather than them building up to already overflowed landfill sites. 
This insentive allows these collected plastic bottles to be turned into new materials or products such as building materials or furniture in the future as a result. 
Wally has produced some remarkable figures since its indroduction and collects around 600 bottles a month.  
This equates to 7,200 bottles a year, and 28,800 bottles across the four years that he’s been at the Arena. 
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