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Today marked an important occasion as we welcomed participants of our Street Soccer programme to actively partake in our Weekly Walking Football Session at the Tigers Trust Arena. This gathering served as an important reflection of our commitment to fostering inclusivity, aligning seamlessly with the ongoing 2023 Rainbow Laces Campaign. 
Running from Saturday November 25th to Monday December 11th, the Rainbow Laces initiative stands as a potent emblem of support for LGBTQ+ inclusion at the heart of Football. Since its inception in 2013, this campaign has seen over a million individuals donning rainbow-coloured laces, symbolising a resolute stand for equality in sports, fitness, and physical activity. 
In the current year, our collective goal aims to amplify awareness, rallying individuals to stand in solidarity with one another and persist in the tireless efforts to ensure that the arenas of sports and fitness remain inclusive to all. 
During our weekly Walking Football session, our Street Soccer Academy participants joined in cultivating an atmosphere teeming with joy and camaraderie, as participants from all ages and backgrounds came together to take part in an exciting match-up. 
The Street Soccer Academy, a transformative 10-week program, intricately weaves together football coaching, dedicated mentoring, the cultivation of a positive mindset, and engaging employability workshops. Tailored for individuals aged 18 to 30 who presently find themselves outside of education, employment, or training, the programme serving as a guiding light for postive opportunities and empowerment. 
Following the conclusion of the session, participants got into teams, relishing the opportunity to enjoy with a warm beverage or two. This moment set the stage for their involvement in an engaging Rainbow Laces Campaign-themed quiz. This interactive activity not only served as an enjoyable diversion but also offered a meaningful platform for individuals to delve into the campaign's profound significance and the impactful role it plays in sports and beyond. 
In a heartening collective effort, everyone gathered to clean and refurbish donated football boots as part of our Boot Room initiative. The boots then got laced with fresh and vibrant Rainbow Laces, becoming symbolic representations of our dedicated support for all LGBTQ+ individuals within football. This act not only revitalised the footwear but also communicated a broader, resonant message in support of the overarching goals of the Rainbow Laces Campaign. 
To make a donation to our Boot Room initiative please email: [email protected] 
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