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The Tigers Trust takes great pride in backing the annual Green Football Weekend campaign, set to unfold across the upcoming weekend at all EFL Clubs and their Club Community Organisations (CCOs). 
Running from Friday 2nd February to Monday 5th February, Green Football Weekend aims to shed light on the danger climate change poses to the beautiful game and the importance of environmental sustainability. 
This year, the focus revolves around encouraging individuals to embrace vegetarian meals. Startling statistics reveal that if UK football fans opt for just one veggie meal a day, we could collectively offset emissions equivalent to removing 5.5 million cars from the road annually. 
As part of this initiative, students from Winifred Holtby Academy on our Premier League Inspires programme, participated in a series of interactive activities. They kicked off with a blind taste test, where students, divided into teams, had fun guessing various vegetarian food and drink items like celery, red peppers, and almond milk to earn points for their team, sparking plenty of amusing and mysterious guesses along the way. 
Subsequently, students embarked on an exciting task inspired by Hull City's current 'Street Food' menu. Groups were challenged to pitch a unique vegetarian main meal or dessert they'd like to introduce on Hull City matchdays, selecting from a list of five provided foods to complement staple items. They carefully considered their target audience, necessary ingredients, and the pricing strategy for their product. After thoughtful deliberation by the judges, the winning creation emerged as a delectable strawberries and mango pancake dessert. 
Congratulations to all the students for their collaborative and innovative thinking in exploring the realm of vegetarian cuisine during Green Football Weekend. 
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