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The Tigers Trust takes great pride in its support for White Ribbon Day, a meaningful occasion unfolding today
White Ribbon stands as the UK's foremost charity dedicated to engaging men and boys in the noble cause of eradicating violence against women and girls. Its mission revolves around the proactive prevention of such violence, tackling its root causes with unwavering determination. White Ribbon UK's work is decidedly preventive in nature, driven by the aspiration to put an end to violence even before it has a chance to start. 
The White Ribbon campaign also links into the J9 Domestic Abuse Initiative which is named in memory of Janine Mundy, a mother of two who was killed by her estranged husband whilst he was on police bail. Janine used to sign her text messages J9, hence its name. 
Startling statistics underscore the urgency of this these two campaigns: as of March 2022, a staggering 1.7 million women have endured domestic abuse, while 1 in 4 girls attending mixed-sex schools has experienced unwanted sexual touching in an educational setting. Further, a troubling 6 in 10 women have reported feeling harassed by men while at the gym. 
Notably, Paul Wray, who's part of the Tigers Trust's Social Inclusion team, holds the distinction of being a White Ribbon Ambassador. Paul is dedicated to disseminating the White Ribbon message far and wide, inspiring other men to reflect upon their actions and take the White Ribbon Promise. This commitment extends into various settings in life, whether it be within the workplace, leisure activities, online, or interactions with friends and family. 
Paul emphasizes the paramount significance of the White Ribbon Campaign: “The White Ribbon mission is to prevent violence against women and girls by addressing the root of the causes. I take pride in changing long established harmful, attitudes, systems and behaviours around inequality and violence.” 
Paul takes great pride in his role as a White Ribbon ambassador: “It allows me to actively contribute to ending violence against women. As a proud ambassador I take on the responsibility of raising awareness, promoting gender equality, and using the role to educate others about the importance of respectful relationships. By taking a stand against violence in this role I can create a safer and more inclusive society for all.” 
“I take pride in wearing the White Ribbon and standing up to violence against women and firmly believe it is everyone’s responsibility to challenge any form of violence towards women.” 
To find out more about the White Ribbon Campaign, please click here. 
To find out more about the J9 Campaign, please click here. 
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