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Kasper Newby, 15, embarked on a transformative journey with the Tigers Trust in 2016 through the Tigers Trust's Premier League Kicks Inclusive programme, and as testament to his persistent dedication, he has been rewarded for his remarkable commitment throughout the years. 
The Premier League Kicks Inclusive sessions were designed to provide crucial support to individuals with additional needs and disabilities, offering them a safe and welcoming space. These sessions are tailored for young people aged 8-18, and come at no cost. 
Kasper was a timid participant who found it challenging to fully immerse himself in the activities when he first engaged on the programme. However, his journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Over time, Kasper has evolved into an influential figure, serving as an inspiring role model for his fellow participants. 
The Premier League Kicks Inclusive sessions have proven immensely beneficial for Kasper, given his various diagnoses which includes visual impairment that affects his depth perception. Kasper's mother, Jo Newby, shared her thoughts on the programme, stating, " Premier League Kicks sessions have really helped him, Kasper’s a different child , he really is , we never thought we would see him be as confident as outgoing as he is now, he loves football and it’s been the making of him”. 
In addition to his consistent participation throughout these sessions, Kasper seized an exciting opportunity a few years ago to become a matchball assistant on Hull City matchdays. In this role, he dutifully collects the ball from fans and returns it to the players, a position he has held for three seasons without missing a single game. 
In recognition of Kasper's unwavering commitment, which has amounted to over 1000 hours spent with the Tigers Trust, he was given with an unforgettable experience which was a behind-the-scenes training ground tour, graciously provided by Hull City and McVitie's. During this exclusive tour, areas such as media rooms, gym facilities, and dressing rooms were explored. However, the pinnacle of the experience was the cherished moment when Kasper sat down for a delightful meal with his Hull City heroes, a memory that will never be forgotten. 
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Hull City and McVitie's for providing this extraordinary experience for Kasper, an occurrence that is sure to make an everlasting impact on his life. 
You can view Kasper's special experience by clicking here.  
If you would like to find more out about our Premier League Kicks Inclusive sessions please click here. 
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