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As part of the EFL Week of Action 2023, our aim was to craft an indelible and extraordinary experience for our Walking Football participants. 
The afternoon kicked off with our players anticipating their usual routine. To their heartwarming surprise, they were warmly welcomed by none other than the head coach of Hull City, Liam Rosenior. 
Liam, with unwavering attention, observed the ongoing session, meticulously taking note of every aspect of the proceedings. To the astonishment of all the participants, he grabbed a bib and eagerly joined one of the teams. 
With remarkable ease, Liam seamlessly assumed his familiar role as a defender and wholeheartedly engaged in the session, bringing sheer delight to everyone involved. 
Following his active participation in the session, Liam delved into the items of our developing memorabilia project, which includes vintage shirts, photographs, match day programmes, and other nostalgic mementos. These items transported him back to his own playing days, allowing him to reminisce and reflect on his career. 
To conclude this unforgettable day for the Walking Footballers, Liam savoured a cup of tea and engaged in a lively question and answer session with the participants, delving into a wide array of topics, including recent seasons, his lifestyle, and his tactical insights. 
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