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Abdu Abubakar’s journey through life is nothing short of extraordinary. 
As a child, he admits he had very little but always made the most of what he had. 
Abdu said: “I didn’t really have anything as a child, but my parents provided everything they possibly could. 
“We didn’t have a football, so we’d bring cans and imagine it being a puck that you’d use for hockey.” 
Having left the country of Eritrea in East Africa as a refugee, Abdu would soon find home in the city of Hull. 
Life in East Yorkshire proved very tough to begin with, though. 
He said: “When I first moved to Hull, it was difficult; I had no family members or friends. 
“I just needed a space where I could be me and know people who could relate to me.” 
In 2016, Abdu came across the Tigers Trust’s international sessions which gave him a chance to meet people who had come from similar backgrounds or circumstances. 
He soon built strong relations with both participants and staff at these sessions which opened opportunities for volunteering and casual work at the Trust. 
Fast forward over six years and Abdu now works as a Delivery Officer on the Trust’s Tigers Team Mates programme to support people across Hull and East Yorkshire who are suffering from loneliness or isolation. 
Abdu supports those in need in several ways, such as book deliveries and phone calls, and says making people happy is the most pleasing element of his role. 
“Making a difference is one of the biggest things that motivates and pushes me, and it’s a really rewarding job,” he said. 
The Tigers Trust are incredibly proud of Abdu’s journey and delighted he’s now able to support those across our own community as a vital member of the team. 
Thank you, Abdu. 
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