The Tigers Sport and Education Trust work to engage and support healthy and happy lives through engagement with football and a range of sporting and educational activities. We believe all of our engagement should be an enjoyable activity for everyone whether as a participant or spectator, child or adult. We continue to do all we can to encourage the participation of all sectors of the community and to make the involvement in football and all of our activities a healthy, life-enhancing and safe experience.

The safety of Children and Vulnerable Adults is of paramount importance to Tigers Sport and Education Trust and we shall continue to do our utmost to help Safeguard Children and Vulnerable Adults in our care

(Tigers Sport and Education Trust – Safeguarding Statement)


What we ask staff and volunteers to do:

Things we ask staff to remember when dealing with children, young people or vulnerable adults

What Staff/volunteers should do if a child or young person wishes to tell them they have been abused by someone, including any allegation made by them against an Adult who works with children


·Create a positive environment that promotes football as a healthy, enjoyable and life-enhancing experience

·Treat everyone with respect, setting a positive example for others

· Respect personal space and privacy

· Ensure another adult is present or within sight or hearing of an activity or interaction with a child/young person or vulnerable adult

· Make sure that your actions cannot be misinterpreted by someone else

·Challenge unacceptable behaviour

·Never put a child, young person, vulnerable adult or yourself in a vulnerable or compromising situation

· Do not have inappropriate physical, verbal or social media contact with others

·Do not keep allegations or suspected abuse to yourself

·Stay calm and do not appear to be shocked

·Listen carefully and try to remember as much details as you can

·Offer reassurance that they have done the right thing by telling you

·Preserve any evidence where possible

·Be aware that in certain circumstances medical evidence may be needed

·Inform the Trust Safeguarding Officer or (with their permission) Head of Safeguarding at the Club in the first instance

·Write down as much information as you can as soon as is reasonably possible

· If the person is injured or in danger take immediate action e.g. dial 999 for the police or ambulance

·Only involve those who need to know

·Complete an Incident Report Form



  1. Safeguarding concern arises in concern of child/vulnerable adult
  2. Refer concern to Trust Safeguarding Officer (DSO) or CEO
  3. Trust Safeguarding Officer discusses with Head of Safeguarding who makes and initial assessment. 

Advice and Guidance can be sought from: 


Kayleigh Jackson: 01482 358371 / 07946368998


Caroline Adamson: 01482 358359 / 07525873309

Hull Children’s Social Care                                                   East Riding Children’s Social Care                           

Early Help & Safeguarding Hub: 01482 448879                 Early Help & Safeguarding Hub: 01482 395500                        

Emergency Duty Team:   01482 300304                             Emergency Duty Team: 01377 241273


Call 101 or 999 in an emergency.