Tigers Trust is working in partnership with Primary Schools across Hull and East Riding to achieve physical, social and emotional wellbeing outcomes.

The value of sport and an active lifestyle cannot be underestimated. It impacts on the development of children and in many cases their lives. The Sports Premium allows individual schools to invest in the resources it needs to best encourage and enable an active lifestyle through sport, play and learning.

How we engage pupils with physical education?

PE Curriculum

It starts with PE sessions that progress the skills of every pupil through differentiation. As well as this we work alongside the class teacher in every lesson, upskilling them to allow us to leave a real legacy in school. Improving the standards of PE throughout school for a prolonged period.


Regular after school, lunch-time or breakfast sessions provides opportunities to consolidate newly developed skills. Activities can be targeted to appeal to those children that would benefit most e.g., low in confidence, least active, girls only or gifted and talented.

Holiday Activities

Holiday activities are the ideal next step for those children low on confidence or who don’t want to commit to a team or club, or those looking to develop their skills further. This activity provides an opportunity to meet children from other schools and develop new friendships.