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Currently underway at Broadacre Primary School, we are actively engaging with six families through the Families Learning Together programme. 
This Families Learning Together programme supported by Humber Learning Consortium works with unemployed parents with children attending local primary schools, marking the first collaboration between ourselves, Hull FC Foundation and Hull KR Foundation
The programme encourages participants to cultivate a growth mindset and offers the support needed for both professional and personal development through goal setting. We have observed that many individuals possess great potential but often lack direction on how to achieve their goals. This programme offers an opportunity for participants to build confidence, expand their social circles, and gain clarity on their ambitions and motivations. 
Notably, attendees Jess and Claire have embarked on self-employment journeys, leveraging social media to kick-start their respective businesses. Their mutual support and encouragement serve as a testament to the positive atmosphere cultivated within the programme. Jess has launched The Scrubbie Co, specialising in textile-based creations like adorable turtles and giraffes, while Claire's venture, Iddi Biddi Bakes, tantalising taste buds with delectable treats such as succulent cheesecakes. 
Speaking about the programme Jess said: “The last few weeks I’ve been attending the Families Learning Together course with the Tigers Trust. I’ve found it really helpful and inspiring; the leaders are so relatable and lovely. It’s helped me focus more on my mindset and future goals that I’d like to achieve. I look forward to our weekly meetings with the group. Definitely highly recommend it to anyone who has access to the sessions.” 
In addition, Claire also commented on how much the Families Learning Together programme has supported her: “The Families Learning Together course ran by Tigers Trust has inspired me to reach my full potential. My whole mindset regarding what I can achieve has changed for the better. I never thought at the age of 37 my outlook on what I can put in place to improve my way of living would change. The course leaders are not only relatable but insightful and helpful and I will be always grateful for the opportunity and knowledge I have been given.” 
We would like to wish Jess and Claire the best of luck with their exciting businesses. 
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