Are you 16-17 and looking for a chance to meet new people, add an amazing experience to your CV and spend some time away from home?....Our National Citizen Service programme could be the perfect way to spend your school holiday!

The summer four part programme involves up to two weeks spent away from home, and one week home based . This brings 70-90 young people together on each residential. It’s a chance make new friends and work together to overcome various challenges. Following the residential stage, the group is split into smaller teams who then design, plan and deliver their own community project.

*We also have a condensed Autumn programme that is open to year 12 students and is 2 weeks .

Our NCS team promote in secondary schools in Hull and East Riding with assemblies and sign up stands!

NCS Overview

Part 1: Outward-bound Residential (Adventure)
Living away from home for five days in rural surrounding, you will take part in exciting activities such as abseiling, sock climbing, canoeing, hiking and more. All activities are managed by experienced staff at the relevant activity centre.

Part 2: Home Residential (Discover)
This week is all about developing YOU. Living independently in University accommodation, you'll learn essential life skills from local business leaders, charities and organisations such as Humberside Fire and Rescue and the RAF. Participants will also take part in cooking challenges, politics workshops, first aid, mental health workshops and some fun challenges that will get you working as a team.

Part 3: Social Action 
Now it's time to make your mark. You and your team will devise a community project based on an issue you feel passionate about. Since delivering NCS, previous Tigers Trust NCS teams have reopened homeless shelters, renovated the Adelphi Club and created awareness videos for local charities. Your leaders will help support you with your ideas, and also external organisations may come and help too.

Part 4: Celebration 

Finally, take stock of all you've achieved! You'll have overcome challenges, met new friends and had experiences you never thought possible. Celebrate your triumphs with your fellow team mates at our Graduation event!

Summer 2020 Dates (Participants choose one of the following waves) :
Wave 1: Monday 15th June-Friday 3rd July 2020
Wave 2: Monday 22nd June-Friday 10th July 2020
Wave 3: Monday 13th July-Friday 31st July 2020
Wave 4: Monday 20th July-Friday 7th August 2020
Wave 5: Monday 3rd August-Friday 21st August 2020

Then all waves will come together for a celebration event! Date to be confirmed! 

For more information contact the NCS team on 01482 358371 or visit