Inspired and integrated communities, living active, healthy and happy lives


We dare to inspire, engage and improve our communities, through sport, active participation and education; providing opportunities and removing barriers; supporting and raising aspirations and helping people to lead healthy and happy lives because we care and because we can


  • Fun
  • Ambitious
  • Inspiring
  • Respectful
  • Passionate
  • Inclusive 

Key objectives: 

  1. Inspire Communities- working to 'inspire' and raise the aspirations of our local communities through an inclusive and quality offer of sport and education activities and provision
  2. Improve Health and Well Being-improving the health and well-being of our local communities through activities which promote safe, healthy and happy lifestyles
  3. Create Pathways to Education & Employment Opportunities- creating the opportunity to raise educational attainment and promote a value of lifelong learning, whilst increasing access to the 'world of work' through promoting opportunities to interact with employers and entrepreneurs 
  4. Connect and Collaborate with Key Stakeholders- maximising impact and resources by delivering together for the benefit of the local communities
  5. Sustainable- Operate a financially sustainable and viable charity, working effectively with our Club, growing income and building strategic partnerships
  6. Build Capacity- of our charity through excellent governance, quality management and an effective integrated delivery structure